Weird amount of servings

I seem to have gotten 4 servings in my first bag. It’s bag number is 8717953209238. The date is 2017-08-21 to 3-2018-04.

Hello DragonEmpereorJay!!

Is it a regular or a vegan product?

It is a regular plenny shake.

I came with a similar question. The bags say there are 3 meals and each meal should be 3.5 scoops. (10.5 scoops total). Yet if I divide it evenly there is more like 4.5 scoops per shake.(13.5 scoops total) I’m not sure if I should go by the scoops or by 1/3rd of the bag in determining meals.


Hello DragonEmperorJay,

We always fill our regular bags with more gram than indicated on the label. But it can happen that the amount is almost a serving more, I guess you can call yourself lucky! :star_struck:

Same goes for you @kdavis928 !

You lucky bastards! :wink:

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Good to know. Thank you.

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