Why is Jimmy Joy cheaper than Huel?

Huel is 60,- for 28 meals
Jimmy Joy is 35,- for 25 meals

Each bag contains 1.75kg
Serving size: 100g x 5 meals per day
100 gram = 400kcal

JJ Active:
94 g*** = 400 kcal
Could not find how much an Active bag weighs but I assume 25 times 94 grams? So 2,5KG

Huel has 30 gram of protein per 100gram and JJ Active has 29gram per 100

The website are very similar by the way haha

So that is
35,- for 2,5kg of Jimmy Joy Active
60,- for 1,75kg of Huel

Or am I missing something?

Calculate the cost of 100g and then go forward from there. Comparing the price of bags isn’t a good comparison. I once calculate the price difference of Active compared to Huel and Active was at least 20% cheaper for an one time order.

Hi @Michal2 ,

Jimmy Joy is 30 to 58 percent cheaper then Huel whilst providing the same nutritional value.
We have an in-house production and research and development team (Huel outsources all of their production) and we have been optimizing the operations for the past 5 years so we can keep the production costs to a minimum. One of our focuses is to provide affordable nutrition for everyone.

You can find a comparison here: https://jimmyjoy.com/pages/jimmy-joy-and-huel-comparison

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Huel uses higher quality ingredients.

Our meals are very smooth by milling the ingredients very finely, which is more expensive than leaving it gritty like they have it. The main reason they’re more expensive is so they can spend a boatload on marketing. See our in depth comparison here:

Can you be more specific?