Order EU116575 never shipped or provided tracking 11 days after payment


I’ve emailed Jimmyjoy about this 2 times in the past few days and I still haven’t got back a response. This order is displayed as “paid” on 11/5 and “fulfilled”. However, I am still not provided with a tracking number or shipment notice as of today, 11/16. I set my subscription period to 8 weeks and so far it is approaching 10 weeks since my last batch and I’ve been out of Plennyshakes for a week.

It would be great if anyone can update me with the status of my order.

Thank you very much!

Hey There,

it’s a bit busy the last few days and I’m working alone in customer care, so it can take a bit before you have an answer. Did you already got a reply? If not, just email us again and mention the forum post in your email and I’ll answer you straight away!

Hello Ben,

I still have not received a reply. It has been 12 days since the payment has been processed on 11/5 and I still haven’t received a tracking number for the order. I emailed you twice in the past week about the issue and I still haven’t received an email back. Your reply on the forum is the first reply I have received regarding the issue.

Please have this resolved as soon as possible as the shipment of order has been delayed for almost 2 weeks.

Thank you very much!

Just sent you a DM to sent me your personal details :grin:

For future reference: A lot of our emails end up in SPAM folders, so please always check those!