Pesticides residues?


I usually eat organic food as much as I can but, sadly, there is no organic JJ shakes.

What measures does Jimmy Joy take to ensure the absence of pesticide residues in their powders? Is this a criterion for selecting your suppliers and producing your products? What is your policy on this matter?


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Organics products use some of the worst pesticides, like Bordeaux mixtures. So using organics isn’t a protection against toxine. In fact, the worst death tolls in a one event due to alimentation in the last fifty years at least were caused by organics food (nearly fifty deaths, more than three thounsand hospitalisations). So organics food aren’t very great for your health. Not really dangerous also, just a little more dangerous due to bad process by some actors (sadly, probably the most honest, people who really believe in the organics superiority). Organics food are essentially using fear of all “synthetics” thing as a marketting tool, causing some damage in our society in the process.

Furthermore, all complete vegan meal thing can’t be fully organics. Because there is a dogmatic rejection of synthetic component and at least B12 from natural vegetal source can’t be correctly assimilated by us (there is B12 in some algae, but contrary to some advertising, this B12 can’t be assimilated). A french product similar to Jimmy Joy but organics has to back down the fact it was a full meal due to that.


Hey @vanquish,

At Jimmy Joy, we understand the importance of consuming food that’s free from potentially harmful residues. While we don’t offer organic shakes, we take significant measures to ensure the safety and quality of our products. We carefully select our ingredient suppliers based on strict criteria, one of which is their compliance with Regulation (EC) No 396/2005. This regulation sets maximum residue levels (MRLs) for pesticides in or on food and feed of plant and animal origin.

By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that all our ingredients meet stringent safety standards. We are committed to providing you with high-quality, nutritious products that you can trust.

I hope this helps!