Please inform us when our order contains out of stock items

I ordered chocolate plenny shakes which ran out of stock after I placed my order. I noticed and sent an email to ask if that was holding up my order and have them subbed out for another flavor. If I didn’t notice, my order would have been held up longer. If you set up a system to let people know their orders will be held up, for how long and why with some solutions such as swapping out flavors or refunding what you don’t have and shipping out the rest, that would make the customer experience a bit better.


Hi Tolf, thanks for posting here about this issue. I’m so glad to hear you noticed and we were able to work something out. But you’re right, we don’t quite have an air tight system for problems like this. Since we’ve had some stock issues over the last couple of months this has become painfully clear to us, so we’re currently looking at options and keeping a closer eye on it. So thanks for this feedback, Tolf! It’s a good reminder of how necessary a protocol for issues like these is :smiley: