Plenny pot: don't understand the kcal indications

I really like the Plenny Pots, but I don’t understand the kcal indications on the nutritionnal informations sheet.
On the web product page, you say that a pot contains 400 kcal. Each one contains about 100 g powder. So, the powder should be ≈ 100 g for 400 kcal. But that is not what the nutritionnal informations sheets (on the webpage, on the box AND on the pot) say: they indicate that 100 g is ≈ 130 kcal, and that we should eat 300 g in order to have 400 kcal. Wait, three pots to have 400 kcal !?!

So, what is the truth?

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Hi @Raymondcal

One serving = the dried product + water. So one pot is around 400kcal.

I understand the confusion and we will try to make it a bit clearer in the next update of the packaging.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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