Plennyshake bags recyclable?

Are the Plennyshake bags recyclable? I’m not sure if I’m just missing it on the bag, but I can’t see any information about disposal.

Hi @Rach !

Our bags are aluminium on the inside for expiration reasons. They are therefore, unfortunately, not recyclable.
We do hope to be able to use a recyclable variant soon and are regularly looking at options to do so!

Since they’re aluminium, I could recycle them in the metal waste bin. Does that sound reasonable or not? If it’s just about the aluminium, I don’t see the problem.

Could be a per country basis? Living in rather recycle-keen Sweden :slight_smile:

@Xavio sorry for not being complete in my previous answer! It’s not jus the aluminium - the bags being a mixture of aluminium and plastic make them non-recyclable.

I hope this answers your question! :slight_smile: