Polyols in Plenny Bars

So I’ve noticed that the plenny bars contain some grams of polyols. Does that mean they don’t actually contain all the carbohydrates that are stated on the packaging? And do other JJ products contain polyols too?

I see that the polyol quantity is stated on the bars - on the Almond & Fig it says (per 100g) 37g carbohydrate, of which 7.9g are polyols.

Yes I know that. And as far as I know polyols don’t actually contain energy/calories. Does that mean we are actually only getting energy of 29g carbs in case of the almond fig bar?

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Only the Plenny Bar contains polyols. In general, polyols have fewer calories than the rest of the carbohydrates but glycerine is the exception, having 4 kcal per gram. So you are getting all the calories from the total of the carbohydrates stated in the label :smiling_face:

Sounds good. Thank you :slight_smile:

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