Pots opened during transport


For my last shipment, many plenny pots were opened during the transport. The box where upside down and it seems the lid wasn’t strong enough to support this. This only concerned Tikka Massala, with 6 pots in two differents box (4 in one, 2 in the others). Can I have a refund for the value of the 6 pots?

Kinds regards.

Hey Arnaud! I am so sorry! Please, send us an email at love@jimmyjoy.com with your order number and mentioning this inconvenience. :green_heart: It is easier for us to help you there, so we can check all your details and proceed with a refund :nerd_face:

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It happened to me with each JJ pot order…usually there is only one pot open, but once I had like 3-4.

For me, they were quick to refund. Previously, I had the problem with only one pot, and the box wasn’t upside down, so I didn’t need to ask for a refund.

But clearly, it seems there is a problem with the lid glue during the manufacturing process.