Shipping to Australia


I’m a huge Jimmy Joy fan, from the flavors, to the variety of options and of course the branding.
I currently reside in France, but will soon be moving to Australia.
My partner who currently lives there also had the chance to order some of the caramel salt bars, which he very much enjoyed.
My worry lies in the lack and variety of stock in the AU shop. My favorite products are the plenny pots, and those aren’t available in Australia at the moment. The powder’s are also older versions as well.
It seems like I will have to switch companies as there just isn’t enough Jimmy Joy presence in Australia at the moment. :disappointed:

Are there any plans on expanding the selection in the AU shop, as well updating the powdered shakes to more recent recipes?

Hi Chalice! Unfortunately our Australian resellers are not always on top of things concerning stock etc. You can contact them at though with any questions! I know shipping to Australia from Amsterdam is very expensive, but we can always ship you your products from our HQ :slight_smile: