Vegan Shipping to Australia


A few months ago, Nino posted on Reddit ( that the ban on shipping certain products to Australia had been lifted, and that all products can now be shipped. I’ve wanted to get the vegan version for some time, but because of the hemp product ban, we can’t get it. Can anyone clarify if all products can now be shipped to Australia? The FAQ still says otherwise, and when I try to place an order, it says that it cannot be shipped.

Have you attempted to contact customer service directly?

Isn’t this the official JimmyJoy forum ran by the company and tagged as support / customer support? I kind of expected this to be monitored by the company, and answers provided by them. I think this is a general question many people from AU/NZ would benefit from having answered in public for future reference (whichever way it goes).

Corporate support should eventually get to your question here. You might also try the r/Soylent or r/jimmyjoy subs on They seem fairly responsive out there.


We still haven’t updated our webshop to ship vegan products to Australia, so sorry. We’re in the middle of building a new website and it’s been at the bottom of our web development priority list. With limited means we unfortunately haven’t come around to doing it.

With the new website you guys should be able to order to vegan products as well.


Great. Many Thanks! Looking forward to the new website. Any idea roughly when it will launch?

We’re aiming for april! :smiley:

Hi guys! Our new website is online and shipping vegan products to Australia is now possible!