Some clarification needed about VIP program

It is unclear how VIP program works. At the moment I have enough time tokens to reach higher status, but it didn’t change automatically and I can’t find where to do that manually.

Also it is unclear how discount coupons work in combination with VIP program. It is single use discount? How it combines with subscription discount?

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If the discount will make my shipment “worth” less than 100€ then will I have to pay for shipping? I presume that I have to, so it is smarter to buy a bigger amount of products. :slight_smile:

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Yes, if a discount makes the total ‘worth’ less than 100 euro you’ll get charged for shipping!

Hey @Pseudomonas, I have deleted Ben’s post because it wasn’t correct. Once you have obtained enough Time Tokens to go to the next tier, it should automatically place you in that tier. If this is not the case please contact us at with your registered name or email so that we can look into this! You will keep the Tier for the year you obtained this status + one more calendar year. E.g: If you reach Time Traveler status in August 2020, you will be Time Traveler for from August 2020 until Dec 31 2021. You’ll have to obtain enough points in 2021 to keep Time Traveler status through 2022.

As for the discounts, yes they are one-off bonuses and the subscription discount can be stacked with the subscription discount of 15%.

Hope this helps!

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