Spilled Plennyshake on clothes, how to wash it off?

So I did something stupid. I had packed a vegan vanilla in my rugsack yesterday, but it didn’t use it.

So it was in my rugsack and in some way I was able to spill about half a bottle out. Some of it got to the bottom of my rugsack, while a lot of it managed to get on a sweater.

Now I’ve been thinking about maybe investing in a different rugsack for some time, so I might just give up on that, because I find it really hard to get it cleaned and I’m really unfamiliar with the process of cleaning a rugsack, getting rid of the smell etc.

But I’m more hesitant about the sweater, as I like it quite a lot and unsure what to do with it. Is it lost? Can I safely put it in the cloth washer like I’m instinctly thinking of doing or would that most likely be a recipe for disaster?

I’ve tried to like get some of it off, but I find it hard and quite a bit nasty to be honest. Should I try to wait for it to simply dry and then it might come of easier? Anyone else been in this situation?

I realize these are probably stupid questions, but I just would like some input.

(I’ll admit I did find the vegan vanilla Plennyshake to be my least favorite flavor so far, so I was kinda glad I wouldn’t have to drink it now, lol)

Plennyshake is food… It’s just oatmeal with protein powder and starch, it’s not some special chemical mix. What would you do if you spilled your evening dinner desert on your sweater? Just wash it like you normally do, there is nothing in Plennyshake that will stain or do something weird to it.

For your rugsack I would recommend detergent suitable for hand wash. Here in The Netherlands we use Biotex for example.