Suggestions for Starter Pack

I wanted to share my thoughts on the starter box and what’s keeping me from ordering it currently.

First of all it’s great that it’s there! I just think it can be a lot better and it should be!

My main issues are the lack of variety in different flavours and the total price.

Bar and pots have mix sets, why not the same for shakes and drinks? I get that it would be difficult for shakes due to the bag size, but still. I don’t want to order 10 meals of a flavor I might not even like…

The price: I’m not talking about the price per meal, but about the total sum of ~70€ (or almost 100€ with pots). That’s a huge investment on my side given the risk that don’t know yet if I’ll like any of it.
Why not simply have one bar of each flavor (instead of 2)? Why not one drink per flavor (instead of 8)?

I’m totally fine with the prices per meal, in case I like the product. But I don’t want to order 10 meals of a flavor I might not like. To try all flavors I’d have to buy 100 meals of shakes…

For a starter pack I’d prefer smaller portions with more different flavours!

Hope my feedback was helpful!

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Your feedback is very helpful indeed, but there’s reasons to the way things are currently. As you already noted, for the items we could, we are offering mix-packs. For the Shakes, this is just not something that would work because of the packaging mainly indeed. The production costs for that would become too high to stick to prices we currently offer.
For the Drinks, we are currently offering two flavours only, so a mixed box could be something we can look into, making it 4 Chocolate and 4 Vanilla Drinks in that one, I will forward that suggestion to the R&D team.

It’s advisable to order only one of something if you haven’t tried it yet, see if you like it and if not, we have the 30-day money-back guarantee for that. This way you can find your favorites without the risk of losing out on money for the ones you tried and do not like. Then, when you know what works for you, you order it in the amounts you feel good about.


Thanks for the response - I totally get that there are reasons for it and it’s challenging to change things. Although for drinks/bars I assume it would be easier to simply have one of each flavor than for shakes etc.

Personally, I’d be fine with paying more per meal for smaller portions. E.g. If a taster package of 10 meals each with a different flavour would cost +50% more than a regular package (10 meals of the same flavor) I’d still be okay with it.

Anyhow, just wanted to let you know - I’m sure you’ll find the best solution given all limitations.

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Thanks for your understanding and for letting us know what would still be within your limits.
It will for sure be taken into account and the options for this will be reviewed.