Support for Ukraine

Could Jimmy Joy donate rations to Ukraine? I see in the news that people there are running out of food and water, and i was thinking - Plenny Bars are pretty compact in size/storage and have the necessary nutrition. I imagine they’re almost easier to ship than actual army rations. Is donation an option?


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Honestly, I’m baffled they haven’t announced anything yet, as donating plenny bars to Ukraine is an absolute no-brainer – both, as actual humanitarian aid and as great publicity ploy.

At the same time, I’m somewhat saddened by the fact that their social media team is kinda tone deaf. No, right now – while Ukrainian are literally starting to starve in the Metro or bunkers – is not the right time to tease a new flavour, IMO.

Do your part, Jimmy Joy – you’re in the unique position to have the knowledge to produce and ship energy-dense food to people in dire need. The least you should do is a “buy 1, donate 1”-campaign.

If I, a longtime customer since day 1 can help, please let me know.


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That is a great and warm suggestion, thank you. We are indeed sending Plenny Bars. Great minds think alike.

Our Russian colleague Anastasia initiated it a few days ago and they’re sending trucks every day.


Hey Marc,

Sorry we did not mention that we are sending Plenny Bars on social media.

We could certainly do a buy 1 gift 1 initiative, that is a great idea, thank you.


This is a customer that send a box by her own initative.


It would be nice to be able to shop for them directly. Please let us now when will be possible to help as soon as possible with a newsletter, thanks!