This special 4:Twennybar will get you high as a kite

Our Twennybar may contain ⅕ of the nutrients you need in a regular day, but there’s another ingredient you definitely can’t miss out on today: THC. We proudly present you our new formula, the 4:twennybar!

We’re always looking for ways to bring future food to the next level. For our favorite holiday of the year we came up with the meal replacement bar that’s both convenient and super fun. Our 4:twennybar doesn’t only make you healthy, it gets you high as well. Local coffeeshop de Boerenjongens will sell these heavenly treats only today in their store in Amsterdam-West.

4/20 blaze it.


Wow, if you made these 4:twenny bars vegans they would be my new favorite food

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