TwennyBars Omega 3/6 content


I’m trying to find this info, but I can’t (only found the powder version)
I asked custumer support through email. but got no answer. So maybe the community could help :wink:

Does anyone know the actual Omega 3 and 6 content for TwennyBars?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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We’re sorry to hear you didn’t get a reply! We do always reply within a day though, so something must’ve gone wrong with your email. I’ll ask our new food technologist to join our forum and get back to you :slight_smile:

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I have the same question. I have been seeing various estimates for conversion from ALA to EPA. One paper put the rate as low as 0.2%. What has informed jimmyjoy-plennyshake’s choices about how to provide omega-3?

I would be interested to see the study that suggests a 0.2% conversion.

Huel have a very good guide regarding ALA to DHA and EPA here:

They state in the article the following: “One study indicated that ALA conversion is about 6% for EPA and 3.8% for DHA” - that is the worst case scenario they mention. Now in seeing other studies, I have personally seen a worst case scenario of 8% to EPA and 0.5% to DHA.

This download ( has the various different recommendations for DHA+EPA intake from different boards around the world. Pretty much all the recommendations for healthy individuals are a combined total of 500mg of DHA+EPA per day, whilst requirements for patients with hypertriglyceridemia go as high as a combined total of 1200mg per day.

Now taking the worst case conversion rate (which will never actually occur in practice because a lack of dietary DHA+EPA increases the conversion rate significantly) of 8.5% total ALA converted to DHA+EPA, you would need 5882.353mg of ALA to reach 500mg of DHA+EPA daily, or up to 14117.647mg of ALA daily if you have hypertriglyceridemia.

Women especially have less to worry about, as their conversion rate is much higher than men’s, and in a study of vegans and vegetarians with very limited DHA and EPA intake were shown to have approximately the same level of these in the blood, even though ALA intake rarely reaches the levels above without deliberate planning. As such, it is reasonably to assume a large boost in conversion for those not consuming EPA or DHA. Regardless, to play it safe, I’d say aim for 5000mg of ALA or 12000mg if you have hypertriglyceridemia. As such, it is likely Twennybars will definitely contain enough for healthy individuals (although we’d need confirmation of the amount to be sure), but probably not enough for those with health issues.

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Thanks! Really appreciate it :wink:
I hope we can get final confirmation from JimmyJoy, but while we wait, that was super helpful.

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Hello Mr. Floppy,

I calculated the amount of omega 3 and 6 and got the following results:
Banana bar: 0,31 gram omega 3 and 0,65 gram omega 6
Chocolate bar: 0,29 gram omega 3 and 0,62 gram omega 6
Vanilla bar: 0,78 gram omega 3 and 1,65 gram omega 6

If you got any further questions, please let me know!


It would be interesting to know the amount even for the powder, under the current formula (both vegan and not), if possible.

Hey Abelieno,

I calculated the LA and ALA amount in Plennyshake vegan and regular (flavor hasn’t much affect on the amounts, since the added amount is quite low):
15.0 gram linoleic-acid per bag
5.3 gram alpha linoleic-acid per bag
16.4 gram linoleic-acid per bag
5.7 gram alpha linoleic-acid per bag
(ingredient-source: USDA Food Composition Databases)

Don’t hesitate if you need more info!


Thank you so much for the info, Karel!


can you do a calculation for the new formula?



New formula:
17.6 gram linoleic-acid per bag
5.0 gram alpha linoleic-acid per bag