Unopend Vegan bags to swap (Holland)

Hi everyone,

I have tried the vegan Chocolate and there is this different taste (imo) that I just don’t like. I guess the vegan flavours are not for me. I am hoping that someone here wants to swap, I don’t want to throw them away! I am located in the Netherlands, so best is that you are too.
To make it interesting I give you Vegan Nutural, Vegan Banana and Vegan Vanilla and you send me 1 regular plenny chocolate or 1 regular plenny banana (or something like that :-)) Good deal or what?
If you are interested, please send me a pm.


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Hello Snvg,

If you want, come over at our office in Amsterdam, then we can swap them for any other flavour!
Location: Archangelkade 17D Amsterdam

<3 Karel

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