USDA/Customs rejections in USA?

I emailed support, but I thought I’d ask other customers as well. My order got rejected by the USDA for not having a “veterinary service import permit”, wherever that is. Anyone have that happen to them? UPS is no help on more information. As far as I can tell, jimmyjoy-plennyshake does not require any permits as it is just a processed food product. I have a call in to UPS’s customs broker office, but who knows what those clowns will know about anything.

@sworah I’m so sorry to hear your parcel has been rejected by customs :-(. This is indeed something that is going wrong as we are FDA approved and don’t have any further reason to be rejected into your country. We’re working on fixing this as we speak and hope to have it sorted soon! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, I just wanted a record here with the answer in case anyone else had that issue. Now they’ll know it’s the US CBP mess up and not you guys, since you’re awesome! I couldn’t find another post with this issue, so now my American friends can know you guys are totally on top of things. It’s really no surprise that a branch of our government is inept in this case. I just wish they hadn’t picked my shipment to be idiots about! Thanks so much, I feel as if my month long quest for *lent is coming to an end!

I got my new shipment today and it’s the greatest flavor I’ve ever had! I can’t believe that it is so much better tasting than Rosa Labs’ Soylent powder! I put some vanilla jimmyjoy-plennyshake with a few tablespoons of PB2 peanut powder and it is AMAZING. I almost want to fly to Amsterdam and give everyone there a big kiss for making this awesome stuff! Thanks so much!

It’s a joy to drink jimmyjoy-plennyshake!

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@sworah Aw, so happy to hear you like it!! :slight_smile: I’ll give a big kiss to the team for you. You made our day.