Version for children, pregnant women, and women that breastfeed

After studying nutrition recommendations, I noticed that there are different values for different groups. For men and women, it does not differ too much. However, children, pregnant women, and women that breastfeed have very different recommended values.

You have in the FAQ stated that you don’t recommend Jimmy Joy for these groups, but that made me think: why not be the first complete meal company that provides for all groups?

Now I can think of many reasons why you wouldn’t do this. First, probably your biggest customer base is busy poor students or busy workers. Children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding women will thus relatively be a small group. Also, this is a more riskful group that you might not want to get your hands on. And, I feel like you are already pretty busy with making new products

But wouldn’t it be awesome if also these groups get their perfect food? Many kids grow up with eating unhealthy food, while this is the most important part of life for developing, just like pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

Just an idea, what do you think?

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I must say I really like the idea! Perhaps we’ll be able to cater to all types of customers, wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Thanks for the input @d.langelaan, much appreciated <3