JimmyJoy for children

Hello dear powder lovers. I am a father of two, have a hectic life, and our family swings between vegan and vegetarian. Sometimes our older kid (3 y.o.) wont eat enough protein or veggies, and I am wondering how bad would it be to feed him some JJ, not as a rule, but as an occasional complement. I know JJ is not tailored for kids, or pregnant women, but I am not certain as to why. Moreover, I have seen pricey powdered all-in-one foods in organic stores, specially made for kids. Is this feasible? If you developed such a formula Iā€™d be sure to update my subscription and add some for complicated days. Thanks! D from Spain

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Hello there!

We generally do not recommend people under 18 to consume Jimmy Joy, as the product is developed with a full-grown adult in mind (so the ingredients are tailored and calculated towards the needs of an adult). That being said, you can ask your doctor or nutritionist if any quantities would be ok for your kids to have considering the rest of the meals they have in their daily diet.

If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know!

With love and joy, Joanna!