Vote for Plenny Bar Raspberry White Chocolate

Yes you read it right, Raspberry White Chocolate is indeed coming, but please be patient, because we want to incorporate your opinions into our design process. So are you team Betty White or Barry White? Right answers only.

  • Rasp Betty White Chocolate
  • Rasp Barry White Chocolate

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As much as I adore the immortal Betty White, the pun regarding Barry White is far far superior. When will Barry become available?


When will Barry become available?

I asked but they don’t want to say. I’m gonna assume it’s not soon enough for me since I’m almost out of bars.

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Unfortunately, we do not yet have a confirmed date for this at the moment. Keep an eye out for the email on it when we can announce it. Thanks for your patience!

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Exactly this was my dilemma. Thank goodness you guys can help out. :hugs:

They announced a giveaway that includes three unreleased plenny bars flavours, so it’s a matter of time we’ll know what those will be.