Way too little potassium

I am very happy with the new Plenny Shake v2.1 and Plenny Bar v2.0 nutrition-wise! It perfectly follows the latest recommendations.

Only one thing that keeps me from consuming it regularly: the amount of potassium is way too low. This is now 2000 mg per day, but recommended is at least 3500 mg per day according to the EFSA! (European Food Safety Authority. Dietary Reference Values for nutrients - Summary report. 2017.)

Another point is that the amount of salt is too high. Recommended is 3 g/day and a max of 6 g/day. With 5.25 g for the shake and 6.4 g for the bar this is high!

And lastly, one essential nutrient is missing in the vitamins/minerals list: choline.

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Hi there! Great questions, let me talk to our head of R&D about this and get back to you when I have an answer :smiley:

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Hi, do you already have an answer for this? Because if people rely on eating Jimmy Joy daily, they will quickly have potassium (kalium) shortages, which can have serious consequences. The FDA even recommends 4700 mg per day, the EFSA recommends 3500 (as well as the Dutch voedingsraad). By consuming 2000 kcal of Plenny Shake v2.1 or Plenny Bar v2.0, you’ll only get 2000 mg.

I was wondering what the current amount is based on and why it states on the label that 400g=20% daily reference intake. Please take this seriously, as a potassium deficit can be grave.

Not yet! The head of R&D is answering within a few days!

Hello d.langelaan!

Thank you for your feedback, I am Joanna, R&D Manager here at Jimmy Joy.

Answering your question about potassium, we calculate the micronutrient contents and % of daily intake based on the nutrient reference values of EFSA. You can find them stated here, in their EU Regulation 1169/2011 Annex XIII part A.

Apologies for the confusion with the salt content, please consult our following notice about this topic:

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Hi Joanna! Thanks for the quick reply!

For the salt: that’s great news! Great that you gave the update, we all make mistakes :smiley:
However, with 1.5 grams per 500 grams it actually seems a bit of the low side again (https://efsa.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.2903/j.efsa.2019.5778, or from your source: “Adequate intakes of sodium in adults have been estimated mostly around 1.5 g/day (corresponding to 3.8 g salt/day).”)
Is the salt content for the Plenny Bar still correct? Because that’s really high. (logical for a SALT caramel bar, but still)

For the potassium: I see that indeed that’s the latest EU regulation. However, although I indeed see that the official daily reference intakes should be stated as in that regulation, recommended values by the EFSA have been updated since 2011, where they recommend 3500 mg of potassium per day: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/2017_09_DRVs_summary_report.pdf

For the choline: this is a newly added essential nutrient. Probably officially you don’t have to add these to the packing yet, but could you let us know what the value is? Also, if possible, adding it to the package would be awesome!

Hello d.langelaan!

You’re welcome! And yes, the salt content in the Plenny Bar is correct, it’s mainly higher because of being a salty flavor. We’ve had some happy reviews of customers who take 1 or 2 bars a day in combination with a Plenny Shake later in the day :wink:
There are currently insignificant amounts of Choline in our products. This is a topic we are currently reviewing together with Potassium, so thanks again for your message, I will take it into account!

Have a nice day and stay tuned for our formula updates!!

With love and joy,

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Thanks for the reply! I see the salt point haha, I also take 1 or 2 bars a day next to Plenny Shake for the rest.

Great that you take choline and potassium into consideration! It would be awesome if we soon see an update about the content of choline and an increased level of potassium! Looking forward to the formula updates.


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So, we agree that, currently, taking 5 sea salt plenny bar per day is too much salt (6.25g).

It’s not an error in the labelling like for the 2.1 plenny shake right ?

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That’s right! The Plenny Bar contains more salt because of the Sea Salt flavoring.

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For when are the formula updates planned?

All Plenny Shake 2.1 versions are updated, the Active formula will be updated around January :slight_smile:

Updated as in updated the potassium amount and choline amount?? Because that’s what we’re discussing here

Sorry, that wasn’t clear. No the potassium and choline amount will actually be changed in the first quarter of 2020. We’ll either introduce it with the 3.0 formula, or as a 2.2 version. In any case, we’re working on it! <3


We’re now almost in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the potassium levels are still listed as 2000mg per day. Any progress on this?


It is updated in the new formula, 3.0:

It says 400mg per portion (400 kcal), five portions (2000 kcal) per day makes 2000mg

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Is there already an update?

I’ve looked into this a bit more and since sodium and potassium levels are interlinked, low sodium levels cause higher potassium levels and vice versa. Based off what I’ve read my guess is that the DRIs are based off the average diet with high sodium (2300mg / day) which also increases your potassium needs. The sodium levels in Plenny are relatively low (600 mg / day) which decreases your needs for potassium.

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Hi D., I’m not sure what sort of an update you are waiting on. Could you explain?