Way too little potassium

Hey Tim, I was waiting for a response to Sewil’s comment. In version 3 there is 400mg per portion (400 kcal), five portions (2000 kcal) per day makes 2000mg, so this is the same amount as in the previous version, which is too little according to the EFSA.


As stated by the EFSA “sodium intake does not influence potassium excretion except at high sodium intakes (≥ 4,830 mg)” and “The Panel considers that available data are insufficient, however, to derive DRVs for potassium depending on the level of dietary sodium intake”

In other words the potassium recommendation is not linked to sodium intake.

3500mg (3.5g) of potassium for adults per day (except lactating women) is the correct value according to, and since, the EFSA update in 2016.


I hope that they will be an increase in the amount of potassium in the next version of plenny shake.

I also think that the amount of salt is too low in the current version, especially when someone consume a high amount of plenny shake a day, without eating many other (salty) foods.

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Hello @Eon, and welcome to the forum!

We decided to keep the dosage below the requirements because potassium and sodium are elements that are easily available in other foods. Not everyone drinks five shakes every day. So, supplementing the missing potassium and sodium is easier than adjusting the remainder of one’s diet to the amounts in our products.
The upper limit for potassium is 5000mg/day and even if sodium doesn’t have an upper limit, there is evidence that consuming 4600mg/day can bring cardiac problems. We want to make sure there is no risk of overdose, especially with sodium since it is added to many other products.

We have mentioned that our products are low in sodium and we have a dosage of potassium in the range for healthy blood pressure in our article about the 172 health benefits of Jimmy Joy. However, I understand that the lower dosage has to be addressed to our community considering that although not everyone has a 100% Jimmy Joy diet, some do and it is important to talk about this.