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We need your help getting in retail


I directly thought about Hackspaces (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace) around the world. Our local Hackspace (and I think a lot more) are selling products of all kinds to visitors.
I think it would be the ideal spot to sell timesaving food to the right type of customers. As jimmyjoy-plennyshake would line along with things like “guaranabrause” (soda powder with A LOT of guarana) aso.

I’m not a member of our local hackspace, but if you want to contact them for questions about retail, you can do it here: https://mainframe.io/contact.en.dark.html


Had to cancel my order in Depiline because they told me that the sipping would be done in 15 days, too much for me, so I ordered it online and that free shaker and the apple/cinnamon is too great for me!
Without that in Spain having that store in retail is fine, but maybe you can sell it in Naturhouse! There are many local stores here where you could make profit selling in them, but I only remember them :yum:



We might be interested to do it in Spain! Please contact me!



Hi Carminamer please send me an email at pablo@jimmyjoy.com to talk further!


Edeka in germany is usually open to stuff like this. Our local Edeka (http://www.edeka-mohr.de/) usually has some startup or another presenting their stuff on the weekend.


Thanks guys, keep 'em coming! We’re definitely looking into your suggestions :-).


Just adding in 7 Eleven, but otherwise I second your suggestions :slight_smile:


I think bio/vegan stores would be interested in the vegan version, and the normal one too, as it’s vegetarian (right?)


@Seemone the regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake is indeed vegetarian! Thanks for your feedback, great tip! :slight_smile:


The biggest and most well-known food chain stores in Switzerland are COOP and MIGROS.


To me it’s my dream come true (yeah, I set the bar low :smile:) to get food delivered to my doorstep.

However, if Finland isn’t too small/remote a market you could try offering jimmyjoy-plennyshake to Ekolo (contact page http://www.ekolo.fi/info/yhteystiedot/5/) They sell all kinds of eco-friendly and vegan/vegetarian stuff, online and B&M stores.


I basically only shop at Deen. It a smaller chain, active in North Holland only. I live near one and I like the store. I don’t know about other Deens, but my local one is eager to try new products. If it doesn’t sell though, they’ll stop selling it.

Hackerspaces could be an interesting place to sell them but it isn’t very organized. They could just buy it themselves.

For US, I can recommend Trader Joe’s. They have a diverse line, and even sell protein powders and such right now. TJ’s is owned by Aldi (not sure if its Aldi Nord or Aldi Sud) but it doesn’t have the cheap name Aldi has. I don’t recommend you sell it at Aldi in The Netherlands since you can earn more selling it at more expensive stores like Albert Heijn :smiley: if you sell it in stores I also recommend using making the price 5,99 EUR. As a customer I hate this, but as a salesman you will sell more this way.

De Tuinen is owned by Holland & Barrett, btw.



In Sweden there are two big store chains.

Those will give you fairly good overall exposure. These exists in small villages too, not just big cities were no one wants to live.

There’s also another but everything in that store are super expensive to force people into shitty and shady card subscription of some sort and even than everything is expensive. Not recommended at all.
Edit: As a new user I can only put two links. Miserable nonsense. Parse this!
https:// www dot coop dot se

Hope it helps with some local knowledge.


Have you tried contancting different universities in Europe? Would be cool to have it in between the lectures. :slight_smile:


Bol.com works with third parties. You can easily open up a store within the Bol.com website and start selling your products there. Whenever a Bol.com visitor places an order, you get an email.
Obviously, Bol.com is charging you for it, but you have (potentially) massive exposure. Bol.com is critical to third parties and when there are too many complaints, you get kicked out (but they’ll talk to you first :wink: ). I know (because I used to work there) that they were working on doing the logistics for you too. That means that you can put stock in their warehouse and they handle the orders that come in through their websites themselves. This is a good thing, because you can have next day delivery. Their warehouse (in facts it’s Docdata in Waalwijk) has a lot of staff and they work untill 01:00 in order to ensure next day delivery if ordered before 22:00.

Because of the unique nature of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, you can also try to make it a special shop within the shop. They’re always looking for a competetive edge and adding something truly unique could be interesting for them.

I’d say: give it a go!


I like this suggestion! However, do they do food? :S


Not in the sense of fresh foods. They won’t sell fresh milk, but there’s a category ‘Mooi & Gezond’ (Health & Beauty) where there’s a subcategory Superfoods, Sport Foods, Food Supplements and Diet Food. It would fit in there.
Like I said earlier, jimmyjoy-plennyshake is pretty unique, so they might be willing to make a special campaign like the seperate shelved in store to pull attention to certain products. Check https://www.bol.com/nl/m/mooi-gezond/gezondheid/index.html
Bol.com is an innovative company, and always in for something that gives them a certain edge.


What about Amazon? …


Amen to that… Amazon Premium delivery