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We need your help getting in retail


food for astronauts!


How about small kiosks on railwaystations and Airports? People there

  1. Often want to eat Fast
  2. Dont want to eat unhealthy
  3. Dont care about the price (or at least they are used to pay 3€ for a Bar)

Also +1 for the wendingmaschines, but i think putting jimmyjoy-plennyshake in Vendingmaschines would lower the quality. (Not the quality of the food but the quality of the Name jimmyjoy-plennyshake…


For a kiosk to work, you’d need to sell pre-mixed jimmyjoy-plennyshake. That can be done, just make 'm and put 'm in a fridge. You can keep 'm there for upto 24hours.Problem is that you need drinking containers for it. You need to find a container that you can shake a bit because jimmyjoy-plennyshake never dissolves in water. After some time, it separates. So it might not be vert practical without adding to (unnessecary) waste…


If you want to help and impact retailers like me, you have to help us and create some kind of “signboards”, which give summary explanation of the energetic quality of products. I could do it myself on a blackboard but it’s not sustainable on long-term period.


In germany there is a vegan supermarket chain called “Veganz”. I really would suggest you to ask them (if you didn’t try it already). They sell lots of super foods and exclusive imported stuff etc. I’m sure they would sell jimmyjoy-plennyshake too (vegan version).


Try the coop here at the campus of the university of twente! I think it would be an interesting product for a lot of students here.

There are a lot of rooms for rent on the campus that do not have a kitchen, but only a water tap. Students living here are forced to buy an expensive electric stove which they don’t even have room for or they have to eat at the restaurant on the campus everyday (which costs about 4 euros for one dinner). A lot of them end up eating mainly sandwiches and salads, but jimmyjoy-plennyshake would be a great addition to this.


For Germany I would suggest: Rewe, dm and Denn´s. dm and Rewe also have online shops.


Idea: jimmyjoy-plennyshake vending machines at major travel hubs, such as Airports, Trainstations, Subways, ect.


How difficult would it be for you to create (nutrition) labels/packaging in different languages? (e.g. German)

I could see it starting in sports stores but there people are usually interested in reading the nutritional label.
Which is a pro because then they notice that it’s great but only if they can understand it.

Or at least switch dutch and english so it’s the other way around. Easier to read for most people.


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Yeah Rewe is probably the most savvy retail chain in Germany from my experience. They were the early ones to accept credit cards and contactless payments.


This year will be my Third big “Pilgrimage”, in Portugal specifically, and I’m going to carry with me a couple of plenny shakes bag . Last year on the Francigena I was fainting at some point cause the breakfast alone wasn’t enough to carry me through harsh Tuscanian hills