What about chugging, saliva & the digestive system?

Fellow Jimmyjoyers,
After using the shakes for 3-4years now, the question dawned upon me: What about our saliva?
I’ve been taught it contains quite usefull bacteria/enzymes to aid our digestion, and chewing on our food improves this process as you’ll create more saliva.
So: If I chug my shakes, don’t I skip an important digestive step for my stomach to break down the meal and get the most out of it?

Have a joyest of days!

Hey There!

Saliva still is a part of digesting, for instance the oatmeal starches still get broken when it enters the mouth by saliva.

Saliva breaks down starch to maltose. With liquid diets, this has already been done for you and salivary amylase has very little effect on total starch digestion - it merely starts carb digestion as, in the stomach, it itself is broken down (remembering that enzymes are proteins). It’s sister enzyme pancreatic amylase which acts in the intestines has a more pronounced effect where even previously solid food is in liquid form called chyme. Plenny Shake has super fine milled oats as the carb source and these are a lot easier to break down further than whole oats.

I would more care about the jaw muscles, though, if you only drink shakes. Chewing on gum, for example will help with that!