Chron's disease


I suffer from a chronicly oversesitive colon (Morbus chron) and was wondering if you guys already did some dives into plenny as medical support and how stressful it is for the colon to digest.

Is it good that everything is basically already almost fluid or does that cause extra work for the colon? Does eating all the required nutrients at once cause the body to overstress while trying to get everything in? These kind of questions.

Personally, I have made good experiences especially with the plenny shakes.

But I’d love to hear what you can add to this.


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Hi M.,

Sad to say we didn’t do any research into this particular area. However, I’ve heard from customers with IBS that it our products worked really well for them. Other than that, there’s not much information available, unfortunately. Perhaps someone here on the forum has had any personal experience to share?

What I learned and experienced so far myself is that sucralose is very dangerous for people with that disease, so I will try to finish (or sell) my remaining flavored shakes and bars and switch to the neutral one and add alternative sweateners such as rice syrup.