What does "flavouring" mean exactly?

I consider trying a new product, but due to lots of allergies I worry about the “flavouring”?
What does it mean for the shakes and bars? Does it contain colored ingredients?

Or do you add the “real thing”, like real caramel or real coffee powder? But why don’t you write it then?

Could you give more information on that, ideally for all flavours?

Thank you so much
(without knowing details I can’t use or try out more products of your brand)

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Sorry for the late reply here @marba

You can check out the ingredients and nutritional values break-down here: Plenny Shake v3.0 - Nutritionally Complete Meal Shake – Jimmy Joy, just scroll down a little and you can check it per flavour.

If you are left with any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know here or, for a quicker reply, check in through email on love@jimmyjoy.com or by opening up a Live Chat with us through the website.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, if it turns out you do not like what you ordered, for whatever reason, you can check in with us for that.


Hello Marba!

I wanted to clarify some terminology regarding flavouring in our products. “Flavoring” refers to preparations used to enhance the taste of a product. These preparations typically consist of natural extracts or artificial aromas combined with carrier substances like gums and maltodextrin.

All our meals contain natural flavouring, except for the Plenny Shake Vanilla and Plenny Shake Apple Cinnamon, which have an artificial vanilla aroma.

Regarding what you mentioned about the “real thing”, let me provide a couple of examples to illustrate this:

  • In the Plenny Shake Caramel Sea Salt, we incorporate caramel flakes, as indicated in the ingredients list, along with a natural caramel aroma and sweetener. These components, combined with salt, contribute to the unique flavour of this meal. However, the Plenny Bar Caramel Sea Salt does not contain caramel flakes.

  • While the Plenny Shake Coffee does not contain actual coffee, it does include natural coffee flavouring. Conversely, the Plenny Bar contains ground coffee, cocoa, and natural flavouring.

Please know that our allergen information adheres to the European Union Regulation for labelling foods that may cause allergic reactions or hypersensitivity. The common allergens will be in bold in our ingredients list. If you have a specific flavour that you would like to try please review the ingredient list and feel free to reach out to us via email at love@jimmyjoy.com.

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Thanks for your detailed reply, it still doesn’t clarify what is meant by “natural flavouring” - what is this exactly?

Natural flavouring is made from extracts taken from natural sources. For example, lemon flavor can be derived from lemon oil. These flavours are created through processes like extraction, distillation, and fermentation. Although the methods can be complex, the final product captures the true essence of the original source. Usually the flavours are in powder or liquid form. I hope this answers your question :smiling_face:

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