What is the sweetest flavour of the shakes

i don’t care that much about if the sweetness comes from artificial sweeteners or not. so far i had strawberry and caramel seasalt. the caramel seasalt was quite nice but the strawberry was not sweet enough for me. I understand that many people prefer to have less sweet shakes, i have seen many comments about shakes too sweet, but i was wondering before i will order new flavours, what is/are the sweetest flavours of them all?

For me, the sweetest is coconut.

They are all equally sweet I would say. The way I like to increase sweetness is by adding some fruit and blend it all together. Or just add a drop of stevia while shaking.

I think no one will be able to tell you because I can’t imagine that anyone has tried all flavours.

I did :sweat_smile:

We do a multitude of sampling and blind tastings to make sure the flavours are not overpowering and fit in the Plenny Shake family.

I would say they are all equally subtly flavoured.

Adding sweetness is easier than taking sweetness out.


I felt the sweetest or strongest flavour is the wild berries

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