Why is it so cheap

Can someone explain to me why these products are so cheap? It just seems too good to be true. How exactly does Jimmy supply the individual ingredients?

Many points:

  • The fabrication is way more simple than standard food;
  • Conservation more easy than many others food (no cold chain, easy to stock, easy to transport);
  • Less packaging.

The main reason is that we choose to have affordable nutrition for everyone. Our margins are very low.
We also buy all the ingredients in bulk and production is very lean. We only produce what we need. And we have our own in house manufacturing and fulfilment. That cuts a lot of the cost.


I just put my very first order in and I am glad it is a lower price, I live on a disability pension so now l can afford to eat properly which is hard when you are vegan who cannot get out the house to buy fresh fruit and veg.
I live in a village in Southern Spain, no supermarkets deliver this far out.
I also have a genetic problem where my cholesterol is always very high and insulin resistance, so my doctor said l can try this to see if it is easier to keep everything level.
I looked at Satislent and my order would have been double in price…so that was a NO.

SO THANK YOU JimmyJoy for what you are doing and for not being a greedy money obsessed company…
these days that is very rare, you should be very proud of yourselves.

I am a Buddhist and this is the sort of action that makes us happy, seeing good people spreading the good to help others!
The world would be such a wonderful place if more did the same.

So again…I THANK YOU!

M.W Spain


Dear Eridu!

Thank you very much for giving us these kind words! It brings us a lot of joy to be able to help you out with our products.

With love,


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