Why is there fluoride in the plenny shake?

Can someone tell me why there is fluoride in the plenny shake drink? I am giving the plenny shakes to my grandma since she is not eating very well, but I don’t understand why you would add fluoride as a supplement

Hi Demy,

Glad to have you on board! Let me elaborate on fluoride:

We are following the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the European Food And Safety Authority for now.

We listen to our community and we had complains coming in about this nutrient, so we will remove the micro nutrient fluoride from all of our products. This proces takes some time so please bear with us. I expect all products to be fluoride free by the end of the year.

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Other than complaints based on irrationnal fears, do you have a real reason for this change? I want a product based on rational conception, and has you say, fluoride is in the WHO guidelines. You are the nutrional experts, not us, but WHO have equally all the skills for this. So I want to know a good reason for this change other than some complaints. If you have to take any complaints about the nutrional composition, I fear you lose in the end all nutrional quality because of many fear mongering.

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Good point Arnaud, making changes based on fear mongering would indeed undermine the products as well as our authority on the matter. However, since fluoride is also found in for example water, we didn’t feel the need anymore to add any extra to our formula, especially since a large group of our customer base mentioned their objections. So those two reasons combined made us decide to just stop using fluoride altogether :slight_smile:

A little more info on fluoride in water:

Fluoride is naturally found in the soil and ends up in groundwater that we drink.
The fluoride concentration in the soil depends on how much calcium there is in the soil (here it is a binding with, the less calcium in the soil, the more fluoride in groundwater), and whether there are fluoride-rich rocks in the ground that releases fluoride. In addition, fluoride can also end up in water through carbon burning that is rich in fluoride. Everywhere on earth the concentrate fluoride in the water is different, on average it is said: countries without fluoride enriched water there is 0.6 mg fluoride per litre of water, and in fluoride enriched water countries it is 2.0 mg fluoride per litre of water.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if there’s anything else