Why is there no Jimmy Joy app?

Why dont you have a simple app with your flavors and scops to track calorie intake?

It would take someone a day to make it and if you wont sue me i could make one if that is ok to use info you provide on your site.

I know there are plenty of calorie apps but you could integrate your shop into it and have a whole package that saves time and makes customers looking at your brand more often.

Maybe this has been talked about here but only found people asking about best apps to use.


Great question and suggestion! I’ll forward the idea/feedback to the marketing team :smiley:

Maybe you could just download ANY calorie tracking app, enter the data from the back label (pretty much similar for all flavors), enter the amounts (1 scoop = approx 1/9 of the package, ~50g), and use it :smile:
JimmyJoy: Or maybe you really could come up with such an app, enriched with in-app orders.
Or maybe just add a calculator to your existing web, which is good enough - opening it in a mobile device is just as good as opening a dedicated app anyways. :smile:

unrelated, but do you know how to build an app? asking for a friend…


Yeah there are plenty of different apps but like I said many use these meals to save time and why not offer an app where you have everything already ready and saves you time?

Many apps are not free or have limited functions in free versions so an app from them will stop people wondering and looking for “the best app”

I do. I thought about making an app and having all of the different brands but my uncle who is a CEO at a software company told me I would likely get in trouble using your names especially on the iOS store.

I actually made one.

During the confinement days here in Spain I created one just to keep myself from rusting without doing something.
It calculates your BMR and lets you adjust your target, keeping track of the ammount of calories you ingest during the day using JJ products and generates a history of the shakes, bars and drinks you take.
Its pretty simple but can be extended.
I’m using it myself, but I made extensive use of JJ brand images and logos so I didn’t want to publish it just to avoid a lawsuit :rofl: :rofl:

I would attach some screenshots if you want to see, but the forum only allows users to upload one, so the homescreen it is.
Please, bear in mind this is a pet project and I’m not a good UI designer, so be gentle :sweat_smile: :laughing:



that’s awsesome! any chance that others can use it too?

Actually yes, I mean, this is what I do for a living so I created it using tools that enable it to run both in iOS and Android.

I’m currently working on a daily planner of some sorts, that schedules your day taking into account how many shakes/drinks/bars or any combination of them you want to take in a day to fulfill your calorie target, and sets reminders.
I can send you an .apk if you want to give it a try in the JJ HQ.


I would love to try it out if you are ok with sending me the apk?

I’d say you guys should buy this app from this man or hire him as a developer! :))


Reviving this cos I’d love an app - it would remind me to order it too! I’m new to all this and I’m super busy at work - would be great to keep a closer eye on intake.

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@aerotoad did you happen to make any further progress with the app? :smiley: Are you using it yourself?

Unfortunately, shortly after I made the posts, the movement restrictions were lifted and I had to go back to work… so no progress since, I wanted to update the formulas to calculate the amounts based on the new 3.0 formula but I had little to no time to work on it.

Maybe given the current situation I’ll have more time again in the near future (not the best of the reasons to have time, but it is what it is).

Anyway, is there any reason for this? Do you need an update or something?