Wild Berries Plenny Shake - The Verdict is in. Here's my review

Finally got to review/taste/test the new Wild Berries flavour Plenny Shake. How does it compare to the other flavours - here’s my full YT review Wild Berries Complete Nutrition Shake!! from


TL;DR I think the Wild Berries flavour works well with the Plenny shakes - which to me always have a very dominant oaty base taste. I especially like the Wild Berry aroma you get whenever you make it up - and that really informs the flavour.


Awsome Clive. I will add to.my subscription when it is available in the US.

Would you consider JJ your staple meal replacement?

I was using Huel for 8 months and now will be doing JJ. I will do a comparison when i am done.



Just tried the Wild Berries as well. It definitely has a berry taste, but it isn’t very pronounced. One still has the oaty taste, which I like. It’s almost like a cup of rolled oats with some berries poured into a blender, even if that doesn’t sound that appealing. It won’t hit you with its berry flavor like the strawberry active shake does.

I’ll keep it in my personal rotation, just to mix things up between coffee, vanilla, apple cinnamon and chocolate.


Personal favourite so far!It has a very subtle berry flavour at start with a nice balance of sweetness and my favourite part the flavour stays with you long after finishing the shake!

BERRY BERRY NICE or to quote a friend " Woow, AMAZING!"


Just a quick message to say “Good job Jimmy” :hugs:!

The wild berries shake is really great, it’s now my personal favorite (equal with apple cinnamon).


Faaaaaaaaantastic Akiat, that’s great news. Thanks for posting your feedback here :green_heart: