Will there be a gluten free Plennyshakes?

I’ve been using Plennyshakes for quite some time, but always noticed my tummy hurt after consuming it. Last year I found out I have a gluten allergy which explains the tummy aches when consuming any type of Plennyshake (or bread, beer, pizza, etc).

I think I remember having seen a gluten free version at some point (might have been my imagination though)? What happened to that?

I love Jimmy Joy and would love to keep using it :frowning: Is there any planning on (re-)introducing a gluten free version?

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Plennyshake contains gluten free oats, but they can’t guarantee that your shake ends up being 100% gluten free (i.e. < 20 parts per million) , as there is a risk of cross contamination.



Gluten free oats are great to hear and a step in the right direction.
I have a mild gluten allergy, so even ~40 parts per million should be good enough.

Do you know the numbers for your products? Have you performed any internal tests for gluten content ratio?

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Yeah, this would be interesting to know!

Just received results from the analysis. I’m gluten intolerant… but I love your product.

Gluten free version, Please?
I know there are alternative products out there, but I really like yours.