3.0 makes me nauseous

Does 3.0 make anyone else nauseous? I started it yesterday and after having a shake for breakfast on an empty stomach I got nauseous for a couple hours. I tried again today and I’m feeling even worse. My guess is that it’s the probiotics since it didn’t seem like much else changed. Anyone else have this problem?

I have the same problem, it’s a shame cause 2.1 gave me lots of energy but now I have to resort to real food. Gonna try out their new snack pots though.

I don’t feel nauseous but do notice they make me salivate waay more than usual.
I do think they should revisit adding the pre and probiotics, they seem to have adverse effects, or rather checking if something major changed in the recipe that could cause these things.

I think there is a lot of misconceptions about probiotics too. If you consume a lot of prebiotics like fiber you don’t really need probiotics since your existing gut bacteria gets plenty of energy to grow on. Eating probiotics on a low fiber diet is kinda like trying to start a fire with wet logs. JJ should instead add more fiber from different sources since that’s the best way to grow a diverse and plentiful gut flora.

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