5:2 Intermittent Fasting Mix

I’ve been doing the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet. Two days of the week you take in only 500 calories, while the other days you eat regularly. On the days where you eat fewer calories, it’s best to make those 500 calories count by eating food that is highly nutritious, so you are reducing the nutrients as little as possible, while staying within the limited calories.

It would be very convenient to use jimmyjoy-plennyshake on those fasting days, but in order to reduce the calories, you’d also be reducing all the nutrients. I’d love for there to be a jimmyjoy-plennyshake mix that was made specifically for the 5:2 diet that had a higher amount of nutrients.

Would other people be interested in this? I’ve seen Soylent variants that have diet mixes, which are closer to what I’m look for, but haven’t come across one that is maximized for the 5:2. I suspect that creating a 5:2 mix would draw in other Soylent variant users in addition to some 5:2 people who haven’t been exposed to products like jimmyjoy-plennyshake. I’m hoping jimmyjoy-plennyshake is willing to looking into this as a possible new product.

The problem with those ‘specials’ is that it will never satisfy everyone. The next person wants a 1:3 mix, then another a 3:7, and it just never stops. Just stick with 500 kcal’s of jimmyjoy-plennyshake and throw in a multivitamin and perhaps some fish oil if you’re into that.