Hey everybody, allow me to introduce myself


My name is Niels, 42 years old from the Netherlands. After trying the Plenny shakes for a week as breakfast, I ordered my first two month batch through the website this weekend and hopefully the package will arrive tomorrow.

It’s really convenient that I could get the shakes from my local supermarket to try them. I really love the products.

Although I am roughly 12 kilos over weight I mostly want to switch to a healthier diet for energy reasons. I did a couple of months vegan in the past, which was awesome. Energy and mood were up by a lot. But having a family that wants to keep eating a regular diet provides all sorts of logistical issues.

So my plan is to combine the penny shake into a schedule of intermittent fasting. Having two 24 hour periods, one 20 hour period and two 16 hour periods of fasting each week. Eating all dinners, skipping two lunches and five breakfasts. But using the shakes as a way of making sure I get enough nutrition during the non-fasting periods.

Looking forward to the experiment and also to sharing experiences.


Hey Niels,

Very cool, thanks for sharing. Myself and three other guys at the office are into intermitted fasting too. I personally do it daily with 16 hour fasting window on weekdays. I also eat less on weekdays than in the weekend to have a bit of a weekly intermitted fasting too. I also take resveratrol and nicotinamide riboside to bring my body in a fasting state, that is the idea atleast, if it works is not known, it has only been proven to work in mice, lol I just like to experiment with stuff. Best of luck with your experiment and would love to see updates on the progress.

Will do. Currently setting up a website to journal this and more of my adventures. I’m also curious to see what the effect of IF and the Plenny Shakes will be on my ADD (if any). As soon as the website is up I’ll drop the link here. And will post updates on occasion as well.

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Thanks for sharing your plans Taghato! I’d love to follow your progress, so please link me when your website is up and running :slight_smile:

Website is up: http://theabsentmindedfather.com/
Will be posting my first week report on Sunday probably.

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