A helpful reminder for International users regarding UPS and brokerage fee

jimmyjoy-plennyshake uses UPS for shipping to the United States (and possibly elsewhere.) I’m not sure they use UPS exclusively or not but my warning is this:

If you have a COD for duties related UPS fees, keep up with your tracking number to find out what your fee is going to be. It helps to be a UPS My Choice member (it’s free.) Be sure to have a money order or check ready for that amount when it’s delivered because the delivery driver is almost certainly busy and probably won’t want to wait. To be clear though, the driver will not accept cash or credit cards. I haven’t tried it, but you can probably pay your brokerage fees by phone with credit card prior to delivery as I just did this after the driver left with my package.

I wish I had seen something similar posted before my frustrating experience. It’s now Friday so I hope to see it delivered Monday.

It’s also my understanding that brokerage fees are not always involved and you may not need to worry about it whatsoever. In my case, the brokerage fee was a touch above $40 for 30 bags.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your terrible experience @pu1se80 ! :frowning:
Thanks for making this post! Hopefully you’ve helped some fellow jimmyjoy-plennyshakeeers so something good came of it after all!