Acid reflux and shakes


Anyone with Acid reflux that tried shakes?

My boyfriend lives happily just on shakes for 5months now, but when I drink it, I get stomach cramps, first light diarrhea and then constipation followed by a light headache. I tried unflavoured one, banana and strawberry one.

I have acid reflux way more than the normal person but Plenny shake doesn’t give me acid reflux. :slight_smile:

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Same, I have a pretty low tolerance for fats, strong alcohol etc and get acid reflux pretty easily. Not with our Shakes though. And your symptoms sound rathe worse than just acid reflux… Perhaps you’re allergic to one of the main ingredients? In any case, if this is your physical reaction to our products I wouldn’t recommend you consume them!

Thank you, you’re probably right.

If you’d like to return any products to us please drop me a line at and we’ll sort it out :slight_smile: