Heartburn or pressure in lower esophagus

Hi, for about 6 months I’ve experienced an issue where I get a kind of uncomfortable pressure in my lower esophagus, deep in my chest but not quite in my stomach. I don’t get reflux or heartburn, but my doctor has suggested it is related to this.

I personally know two other people who use Plenny shake and who have described the exact same problem. I believe Plenny shake is the cause.

Are you guys aware of this, and if so, do you know what is causing it, and if so, is there a plan to adjust the recipe?

Otherwise, I love your product! I really hope this can be fixed, because I would hate to have to stop using it.

Hey, I am not aware of this. Could you explain why your doctor suggested it is because of Plenny Shake?

My doctor did not suggest Plenny shake; at the time I did not make any connection to it and didn’t mention to him that I was using it. I had not considered it as a possible cause. He only said at the time the symptom I described was related to heartburn.

It’s only now that I believe there is a connection, however. Because I’ve spoken to others who described the same problem – and only since they started using Plenny – I believe there is a connection.

I don’t know if it is only since the recent recipe change where the taste is smoother and there is no lactose. Or if it was there in the earlier version, too, which I also used. I’m not sure.

Hmm. Well I hope and expect that it is not due to Plenny Shake. This is the first time I hear this. But thousands of people use Plenny Shake and there is some change it does not work for everybody. It could be an allergic reaction. I think the best way to find out if it is due to Plenny Shake is to ask your doctor and try a period with and without Plenny Shake to see if it makes a difference, do you agree? If you happen to be able to put me in contact with other people who experienced this I would love to get in contact with them.

Yes, ok, thanks for your help. Again, I like your product and would prefer to keep using it. But yeah, I will have to do some further investigation.

If you could keep an eye out for anyone describing this “pressure in chest” feeling, that would be great.

The two other people who experienced this feeling are fine with me sharing their emails with you, but I don’t want to put them on this public forum. How should I send them to you?

Hey, oke that is good. my email is joey@jimmyjoy.com

For what it’s worth, I occasionally get mild heart burn from other food. In my case, what triggers it is drinking too much liquid and particularly fat food. Incidentally, many Ready-To-Drink meal replacements match those conditions: liquid + colza or canola oil as fat source.

Anyway, it’s probably a different issue altogether but I avoid those symptoms by drinking less water if I eat too fat and I stop eating at least 4 hours before going to bed. If that doesn’t help you, then you should look into allergens.

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