Any idea on a plenny snack?

I’ve been thinking several times now while eating my daily popcorn (thanks for the advice Jimmyjoy) that it would be great to have different kinds of snack like options healthy but low in calories for those like me who can’t avoid taking something to the mouth when nervous, bored or just relaxing…

In my case, I ate 3 plenny meals each day (2 shakes and a pot) as breakfast I eat 2 cereal bars wich are 65kcals each so in total my daily eat is 1330 kcals.

Since for weight loss I can eat until 2000 I have in fact include this extra kind of not so healthy meals but still, they are way overpowered when thinking on the amount of calories per volume ingested and so, I’d like to ask the community which other options apart from popcorn that are not the classical carrot sticks or apple are out there and if there is a maybe in progress product that could help those who are trying to lose weight to take less calories than those that could came with a plenny bar but that includes all the benefits of a plenny meal which are eating all those nutrients that our body need.

Hey @Erethros ! we’re glad to be a part of your healthy eating journey! We totally understand the struggle of wanting to snack when feeling nervous, or just in need of some relaxation.

While carrot sticks and apples are certainly healthy, we know that they can get a little boring after a while. Luckily, there are plenty of other snack options out there that can help satisfy your cravings without packing on the calories.

Some of our personal favourites include rice cakes with hummus or peanut butter and homemade vegetable chips made from thinly sliced sweet potatoes, beets, or zucchini.

As for a product that could help you consume fewer calories while still getting all the nutrients your body needs, we’re constantly working on new ideas and products to help our customers achieve their health goals. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates!

And we would love to see which other low-calorie snacks will people share here! :woman_cook:t4: :man_cook:t4:

Me too!

And if you make an ultra low calorie snack that comes with the nutrients we skip if we don’t take one or two of the 5 meals, please tell us before hand so we can avoid buying the next popcorn box (24 bags inside in my case :joy:).

My favourite snacks:

  • roasted chickpeas/roasted beans
  • fruit
  • cherry tomatoes
  • hummus + (crackers or any type of vegetable)
  • protein shake (I make it extra rich by adding 0% greek yogurt)
  • Fruit smoothie w/ as much kale as you can muster
  • oven roasted sweet potato w/ a little garlic olive oil and salt
  • beet salad - beets, orange slices (optional), macademia nuts (optional), honey mustard dressing (use the vacuum packed ready to eat beets for a super quick salad).

btw, if those 24 bags of popcorn were microwave popcorn, you can easily make your own with a Pyrex bowl (1l capacity) and a ceramic plate to cover it. Just add 1 layer of corn to the bowl, add a tsp of oil, shake/stir, put on the plate and then microwave (I can’t for the life of me remember for how long but I’m guessing somewhere between 2-4 minutes, just stay close by and wait for the sound of popping to die down I guess).

Alternatively you could also use a brown paper bag (the kind you pack lunch in), but you’d have to google for instructions.

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Yup, they are the classical microwave popcorn bags. Since they are sold at my job, I can just buy them during our mealtime, saving some time instead of going to a supermarket.

What I have found to be a great option to improve its flavour is to add salt and pepper as soon as possible and then shake the bag like if it where a plenny pot one :joy:.

I have to check if I can buy popcorn corn on Amazon. The good thing is that I would be able to dosify them with a scope (As long as they are more or less the same quantity because if it’s 3 or 4 times bigger…:sweat_smile::face_in_clouds:

I’ll check with a translator those options that you have shared. Thank you.

I’d recommend bars or smoothies from Nutrilett if you’re trying to lose fat. They have more nutrients and fewer calories than JimmyJoy, making calorie deficit less unpleasant. They’re also more like sweet snacks.

I’ve recently tried eating 2000 kcal worth of JimmyJoy since I’ve attained my goal weight. To my surprise I didn’t crave for snacks at all. So you got that to look forward to, maybe.

we didn’t know about this brand before. We were checking for the nutritional content of the VLCD shakes and 774kcal per day sounds dangerous without the supervision of a professional. Did you follow the 8 week plan?

I didn’t try the VLCD diet, just the bars and smoothies which are supposed to replace a meal or two. The VLCD ones do come with a warning not to use them long time without supervision.

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Problem is that I’m trying to lose fat in a healthy, slow way so I don’t want to have less than 1600kcal.

Also, after looking at their website, I haven’t been able to understand that language so…

I’ll stick with Jimmyjoy for now.

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have you checked our Complete Guide To Fat Loss? If not yet, this might give you some hints on how to do it better according to your needs. We are glad that our meals can support your journey :hugs:

My bad, I thought Nutrilett was sold in more countries than just the Nordics. I haven’t tried other weight loss products so I can’t recommend anything else. But I would recommend looking at your options. I know I wish I had.

I wasn’t recommending or interested in VLCD diets either. My target was also 1600 kcal, but other I did end up going lower based on how I was feeling.

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Frozen grapes and berries.

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Chewing gum or hard candy with vitamin addition.