Snacks! Man hungry!

Hi all!

I started using JJ 4 months ago and I have bought plenny shakes/active/bars and pots! I’m trying everything to see what I like most. I’m a big fan of the almond/fig bar, ticks all my boxes! And the creamy pasta is my favorite pot. I do intermittent fasting so basically I don’t eat breakfast and then I use one JJ product for lunch and a regular meal for dinner to keep my sanity :smiley:

But with not eating in the morning and a replacement meal for lunch I get a bit snackish (is that a word?) in the afternoon. I’m wondering if there are any snacks in the making? I could imagine something like mini size bars or something would work.

Well anyway, thanks for having such awesome products!

Ronald from the Netherlands

Hi Ronald,

Glad to hear you like our products, and great job on the intermittent fasting! We are working on a snack product for later this year, but that’s all I can say at this point :wink:


Excitement level :100::heart_eyes:


I have the same! I only have 2 meals per day too, and I’ve noticed I just need… something in between these two meals!

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hey good to hear that I wish you success also I am working for a store that sells coffee matching and many other delicious little and bite-size eatables.

But I would love to taste your products I hope you do great with your business.