On Jimmy Joy and OMAD

Hello everyone,

After buying the Starter Pack, I have to say I’m very happy with your products! In fact, I liked them so much that I want to fully incorporate JJ into my regular diet. However, I have been doing OMAD for years now and I’m wondering if I can continue just eating once a day with your products.

For a bit of background, I started OMAD as a solution during my company-founding days, since I didn’t have time to prepare, eat and digest multiple meals per day. I also suffer from GERD and eating at night was causing me a lot of sleep-related issues. OMAD worked amazingly for me from the beginning and, save for the occasional dinner date or social gathering, I only had lunch every day (along with supplements most days).

I’m now in a very different point in my life, but I still want to find a quick and healthy solution to eating food. So, if I want to start using a (mostly) JJ diet, how can I approach it from an OMAD point of view? Could I eat 2 portions of Plenny Shake and a Plenny Bar in the same seating? Should I adapt and go back to eating multiple times a day? If so, Do I have to eat 3 times a day or could it be 2 to avoid eating at night?

In case it matters, I plan to have 1 day of JJ-less food (probably Saturdays) so I can still enjoy food and going out with my wife and friends. I also work from home and exercise 5-6 times a week. I’m comfortable with my weight and have a healthy BMI, but I could also lose some KGs.


Hey @seb23! welcome to the forum :hugs:

So many factors that you are mentioning here! I hope I can bring some light to this matter.
You can definitely keep doing the OMAD mixing our range of products. I imagine that having 2000kcal from shakes would be too much liquid for the stomach to handle in just one hour. As you said you could have 2 Plenny shakes and a Plenny bar, and also you could add a Plenny pot to it to get 1600kcal. You can try it for a couple of days to see how you feel and how your body is responding to it. Definitely, not close to your sleeping time. Lunchtime, as you were doing, sounds great! To control GERD, it is recommended to eat smaller but frequent meals, but follow up on how your body is feeling with the JJ OMAD plan :smiley:

Please know that our chocolate-flavored meals contain cocoa powder that might trigger reflux.
How do you deal with onion and garlic? it can trigger acid reflux in some people but not always. All our Plenny Pots contain garlic and onion. The likelihood is that the tomato sauce will make your GERD worse because of its acidity but you can still have the Vegetable Korma Rice, Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto, and Satay Noodles. You can find all their ingredients over here

We would love to know how the JJ OMAD goes for you!

Hi Laura! Thanks a lot for your reply!

Yes, I think a mix of shakes, drinks and bars is what I will do and I will fit it all during the lunch time. I did see the Plenny Pots but, as you said, I believe those will trigger my reflux more often due to the tomatoes since it’s one of my triggers. I also don’t like mushrooms so my options are very limited haha.

But, regardless, the other products have been great so far and, as long as I have enough flavours to not get bored, they should do the trick! I tried the chocolate drink alreads and I haven’t felt any issues, so I’ll keep using that one too :slight_smile:

I plan on going full JJ (from Sunday to Friday) starting next week, so I’ll let you know how my first weeks go and how my body feels.

Thanks you!

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Great Stuff thanks for sharing