Plenny protein bar for snack?

Hi all,

I love the plenny active shake and the plenny bars, they fill me up and still contain a good amount of protein. The only thing is, I love snacking & desserts and especially anything that contains chocolate or cookie dough. Right now I’m buying vegan protein bars from other brands to have as a snack (~100 kcal per bar), because the plenny bars are just to heavy for me as a snack and don’t really satisfy my sweet tooth. Any chance we’ll see plenny protein bars in the future?

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Great to hear you love the Active Shake and Bars. Your note has come by more often and I am aware of the options being looked into but I can not inform you on anything specific yet on this part. I will note your request to the relevant people internally, fingers crossed.
In the meantime, do like me and just snack a Bar over the course of a longer period :wink: