Are they still using UPS as a shipping company?

Hello there.
I entered into the powder food industry as a costumer for the first time with this company (named Joylent) back in 2015 and since then I had always tried all available methods in Europe ordering every month to a different company.

Now the reason to taste different options is to get a feel of what its offered in terms of taste, “healthyness” price/kcal ratios etc.

I haven’t ordered since early 2016 on this company because they use UPS as the shipping method so I wonder if its everybody receiving the food via UPS in your countries.
In my country UPS is the worst courier to the point I haven’t ordered again just because of those bastards, and I know it comes down to almost who is personally delivering the box to your door more than a general statement that can spread to the whole company, I just know I have had damaged boxes and stolen products when UPS was used here in Norway, and on top of that they are the most expensive or one of the most expensive companies here, so thats the question.

Hey, this probably doesn’t help much as you’re in Norway, but here to the US (California) my shipments have been through DHL. And they’re fine other than the minor annoyance of requiring a signature upon delivery.

But for what it’s worth, I’ve never had trouble with UPS here. They’re the ones that deliver a lot of my Amazon packages!