Best app for keeping track of my calorie intake when eating 5-6 meals a day?

All apps that i found have only options like “Breakfast, Lunch Dinner” and I don’t really get it since normally when people who trying to gain weight eat at least 5 meals a day (I am eating 6 meals a day the days where I exercise). I want an app where I can add my own PlennyShake meals and where I can choose up to 6 meals a day. And of course this app also needs to have an option where I can choose if I exercise this day or not. There is not much I am asking for but still I struggle with finding such app.

Is there any of you guys who using calorie tracker apps which can do all these things I’ve mentioned above? I’d really appreciate help from ya

Do these not have the option of snack? That’s what I usually use for my extra meals or are you looking for an app that will allow you to customize how many meals you have.

Perhaps you could point out which apps you have tried so we do not suggest you the same. E.g. MyFitnesspal (which I assume you have tried since it is one of the most popular).

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The app I use is Cronometer (wasn’t a fan of MyFitnessPal).

The app allows you to add as many meals/foods as you like, as well as add any exercises you do in the day.

Also has the bonus of allowing you to see the nutritional data of foods you log and you can create your own entries and meals.


Sounds pretty much like that’s everything you’d need @bongiorno! Have you checked it out yet? Let us know!

I use Lose It! It’s way better than myfitnesspal, haven’t tried chronometer

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