Big Bag shipping cost higher than it should be?


I am trying to order some big bags, but the shipping costs seem to be higher than they should be for the weight.

If the weight of 1 big bag is 2.3 kg, then 4 of them should weigh 9.2 kg. However, if I add 4 to my order, I get charged shipping at the “10kg-20kg” rate.

Do you know why?

Hello? Is anyone out there?

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My guess is that after the extras the actual weight of the box is bigger, thus the carrier charges them extra. threfore you get alocated on the 10-20kg, even if the weight of the powder is lower.

Yeah I thought about that but 0.8 kg is very heavy for packaging (almost 10% of the product)

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The actual weigth of Vanilla Big Bag powder is 2345g and for the Banana it is 2358g
So the net weight of the pulver should be between 9380-9432g for 4 Bags.

So for the 4 big bag material and the carton you got between 568g and 620g to the 10.000g.

Not sure if this is much or not. Btw does rate beneath 10 kg also have a size limit?

Weights source: