Budbee delivery times

Reference your carrier for NL.
We received the delivery last night at 21:45. This is not very good. We are at work early and to have a delivery arriving at this time is just not acceptable. This is not the first time this has happened.

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Hey Stanners! I am very sorry the delivery didn’t go as you expected. Budbee delivers in the evening, between 17:00-22:00. I understand it can be late for you :frowning: An alternative could be to switch to DPD but the delivery will be during the day. If you have a subscription, we can change it for you. Just send us an email to love@jimmyjoy.com :green_heart:

Was searching if this topic came up. Im having the same issue. It was supposed to be delivered between 5.30 and 7.30 pm. I got an update around 7.30 that the courier was 1 minute away. That update is still there. It is now 8.35pm… I started a chat with Budbee at 8 o’clock… until now , 40 mins later, no response.

As the topic starter mentioned; also not the first time. I also have an early rising to get to my work. My alarm goes at 4.45am. I dont want to wait till 10pm for a delivery. Any other courier just delivers my package to one of my neighbours. No problems. Budbee does the same so in theory. No problem. But come on guys, I am not going to let a delivery guy waking up my neighbor perhaps, cause of my delivery. I think 9pm should really be the latest for a package to be delivered.

But most of all I am annoyed by the useless tracking update and terrible response time on Budbee’s chat.

Also, FYI, when I click the link in JimmyJoy, in my order update, it takes me to the main site of DPD. Not to Budbee.

Delivery just received. 21:15 hr. Sure. It is within their time window But again: the initial update told me totally different. Also the Delivery guys are so unfriendly. They ring the doorbell. I press the button to open the door. I live 2nd floor, 3 small stairs up… but when im downstairs to collect the box, they’re already driving away. Haven’t seen or spoken a word.

I don’t know if is this normal for ppl, it isn’t for me.

Anyway. Next time I will ask for regular DPD then if possible. Budbee sux.

We are very sorry the delivery didn’t go as expected. I would like to pass this on to our team and Budbee. Please, can you send us an email to love@jimmyjoy.com (mentioning this post) so we have more details on your order and the delivery issue. Then, we can also change the shipping company on your subscription (in case you have one :slight_smile: )