Cajun Pot + Almond Fig review

Almond Fig:
Really good flavour profile and mouth feel! Not as sweet as the Caramel Sea Salt, the taste and mouth feel feels like a good standard nutty bar kind of thing, I don’t find it too sticky or too dry, just a good balance here. Subjectively, it tastes and feels just healthier in general that the old supermarket nut bar things that I’ve stayed away form for years. I’ve only just eaten, but it feels like the same after eating feel of the Caramel Sea Salt. I’ll update this post if anything noticeable in terms of fullness, but I’d say so far this is definitely a great addition to the family. My girlfriend will keep one in her bag no doubt (she wasn’t a big fan of the sweetness of the caramel sea salt).

Cajun hotpot:
Speaking of my girlfriend, she’s the savoury eater. She’s an occupational therapist that goes to clients houses, and with Covid going around, it means finding a place for lunch is hard. The cajun hotpot was more a test for her to see if it’s handy on the run etc. Hers/my review (i had a bite): Good taste, good mouth feel, good flavours etc etc etc. Easiest thing is to compare to the ol noodle cup in terms of comparisons, but that’s not a fair comparison here, since the hotpot is in another league. It’s not as salty of course, but the flavours are there, and it feels healthy. Creamy, not too spicy (we’re spice fiends though). For us though, maybe a minute or two longer for the water to soften up the pasta a bit more, but that’s no major (good work on the vegan pasta too!). At the end of the pot the pasta wasn’t mushy or anything, so it holds it’s own until the end of the pot. She managed to just finish the pot in terms of being full, but she also isn’t the biggest of eaters (shes ~60kg). I don’t really have any criticisms that I can think of. “A meal in a cup” is not something that should sound appealing, but you did it you crazy mad lads(ladesses)

For street cred, I’ve been a plenny abuser for 2-3 years now, and currently have 2 scoops for breakfast 7 days, and 2 scoops for lunch 5 days (mon-fri). I will one day do the math on how much money I’ve saved by smashing the ol plenny, but the biggest change for me is no post lunch dip. You all are doing great stuff, and these new innovations are awesome, keep it up!

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I was not 100% convinced with the chocolate bar but I am loving the Almond Fig one. Will definitely keep ordering it.